Greetings and welcome! My name is Lip Ong and I have been working in alternative therapies for over 25 years, with professionally recognised and accredited qualifications in acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu and massage.

I offer you a special treatment which effectively combines different therapies in the same session to give you best help I can.

Even though I was trained in the therapies mentioned above, I now follow my own unique approach of " Mindful Healing Touch " based on my many years of clinical experience and continuing learning on what makes an effective beneficial treatment for my clients. My approach is a symbiotic integration of many body and mind therapies, and I do NOT need to use needles in the treatment.

My objective is for you to experience improvement and beneficial effects on your well-being even from your first session.

In my results-based treatment, if you do not feel any benefit in the first 3 sessions, then I usually do not continue the treatment.

By providing you with this combined treatment, you do not have to try one therapy after another, thus possibly saving you time, money and effort.


Many people find this safe and gentle treatment blissfully relaxing as well as helpful at many levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Many tissues, organs and body systems, including the central nervous system can be affected by the natural treatment which can be more than just a relaxing experience.


The parts or condition you want improved are given particular attention as well as the whole of you - a truly wholistic approach not just in words but in practice. Come and experience it for yourself !

As you become blissfully relaxed during the treatment, you can sense different parts of your whole body, from feet to top of head, and all the areas in between, receiving and responding to my attentive, clean, gentle, healing, skilful and respectful touch.

At the same time, your mind becomes peaceful and quiet, and your emotions calm down.


The treatment can ease many aspects of well-being, health and vitality including :-

  • aches and pain
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • injuries
  • stress-related conditions
  • relaxation and calmness
  • digestion
  • sleep
  • emotional problems
  • low energy and vitality
  • some functional disorders
  • persistent symptons of obscure origins, etc

You are welcome to phone me about your particular situation on 01753 662244 clinic,  07923472569 mobile or 01753 771178 home.

Even if you do not have any specific problem, you can still benefit from this treatment as it promotes general health, vitality and well-being. You can enjoy being blissfully relaxed. As the treatment is gentle and safe, all ages can be treated including babies and children, adults and the elderly.

Please note that I am NOT a medical doctor. Even though natural therapies can be beneficial, you are advised to also consult your own doctor / G.P.