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 I am Chinese and born in Sarawak, Borneo when it was a British Crown Colony. Sarawak is now part of beautiful Malaysia with its exquisite cuisine and exotic plants, flowers, local vegetables and fruits.

I am now permanently resident in the United Kingdom.

I first came to the United Kingdom in 1973 for my university education in science and engieering. I graduated with a 1 st Class Honours Batchelor of Science degree in 1976 and a Doctor of Philosophy Ph. D. degree in 1979, both from the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

After graduating, I first worked as a Research Fellow with the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, Malvern and then as a Principal Engineer with Marconi in Slough and Stoke Poges.

Cycling home from work one day, I asked myself, "What else can I do that is more peace-oriented, rather than working in defence eletronics and systems ? " Even though I was progressing very well in my engineering career, I began my explorations of natural health, alternative and complementary therapies, yoga and meditation in the mid-1980s.

After five years of intensive studying and training, I obtained qualifications in massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming NLP from various institutions, including the International College of Oriental Medicine, College of Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu School of Natural Therapy ( now the European School of Shiatsu ) and Briish Hypnosis Research.

In January 1991, I stopped my engineering work and started working as a natural health therapist.

In my twenty five years of experience in alternative and complementary therapies, I have treated a wide range of both physical and mental health conditions.

Working in natural health and healing is my vocation and calling.

I am guided by what works in practice and am NOT interested in mumbo-jumbo theories, doctrines and intrusive techniques.

Even though I trained with many different schools of therapies, I now practise my own integrated form of treatment symbiotically and skilfully combining the essence of the different therapies together. In my experience, this special combined treatment provides better results and improvements for the health and well-being of my clients. Furthermore, many clients find the treatment enjoyable and blissfully relaxing.

I practise mindfulness in my work and everyday life.

In addtion to doing my healing and therapeutic work, I have active and strong interests in music, singing, dancing and contemporary art.

I freely improvise on the voice and clarinet.

I have designed and made colourful glass light-catchers or panels which are intended to delight the eye and mind. You can see two examples above. Interestingly, they can be hung in different ways and so can have quite different visual impact. Being made of glass, they can be upliftingly bright even on a dull cloudy day !

I am also interested in origami paper folding, ikebana flower-arranging, painting, sculptures and contemporary art.

I enjoy walking, cycling and practise my own blend of yoga and Pilates everyday.

I am interested in promoting and teaching better skills in mindful living based on clearer communication, healthy relationships, nurturing compassion, helpful acceptance, real human values, empowering commitment and better understanding of the workings of the human body and mind, thoughts and feelings.

Feel free to contact me for more information of my upcoming workshops on mindful living and wisdom, improvised music-making and life-enhancing skills of creating.

I look forward to helping you, your loved ones and friends.