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Learnt some simple yoga movement while he was in Kuching last December. His share of wisdom in life will enlighten your thoughts, just make sure you are being attentive throughout the conversation!


Great treatment! Felt so much better after the combined treatment.

Kim Kho

For some considerable time I have experienced discomfort in the lower back and neck. I have had treatment by various physios but to no avail. A friend recommended Lip Ong and on my first visit I was amazed at the relief I felt without having to undergo vigourous massage. The treatment is gentle and relaxing. Lip Ong's interests are wisdom, health, art and music which speak volumes about this quietly confident health specialist.

Denis Clery

My week would not be the same with out a revitalising Saturday visit with Lip and some understanding of his inspirational approach to living.


Lip has a wonderful and naural gift of healing and I would recommend him to anyone. He has a lot of knowledge and compassion. Just talking to him will enliven your spirits!


A regular visit to Lip is an essential ingredient for my general well-being. As well as helping with broad heath issues - physical, mental or emotional (more interlinked than I previously realised) he also deals with specific issues, however trivial, such as dealing with difficult work colleagues or problems with putting on the golf course! Every visit leaves me relaxed and energised.

David, Gerrards Cross

I wholeheartedly recommend Lip Ong to you. I had suffered a really painful arm and shoulder injury the pain of which was so extreme I had thoughts of cutting off my arm. I had had physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments which failed to reduce the pain. Lip's treatment approach addressed the matter simply but deeply. His approach and manner was fundamental to my full recovery to such an extent that when I met him recently, more than a year after his treatment, I could not but convey my sincere thanks to him all over again.

Lynn Jackson

Very seasoned therapist! After the treatment, you'll find your self at ease, especially recommended to those who has stiff neck and shoulder often caused by stress. Also, seemingly improved digestive function too ;) Recommended as the treatment cost is cheap considering the combination of therapies given. If you have questions in life, he can be very helpful and approachable too, just give him a call.


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